Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

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Post Construction Cleaning has been a vital aspect of our business from the inception of Clean+Safe LLC. We know that time is money when you are closing out on your construction project. Our resume ranges from 900 sq. ft. offices to 269,000 sq. ft. warehouses.

There is not much we have not seen or done. The combination of great equipment and over 50 years of experience, is why we can confidently say “we make it happen.” We will always have a supervisor on your job site. We can come clean your project anytime (day, night, or weekend) and we get it right the first time!

Post Construction Cleaning (Final Clean)
We come in after your contractors are finished with your project to get your customer ready to move in. Everything from stripping and waxing floors to cleaning windows, we do it all. We pride ourselves being flexible, communicating well, and being held accountable for our actions.

Pre Post Cleanup
Have a big inspection coming and need your job-site clean? Tired of coming to a filthy job-site every week? Close to the same as post construction cleanup except we come in after your subcontractors finish for the week to help keep your job-site clean. This service can be tailored to meet any of your job-site needs and also helps reduce the cost of post construction final cleaning.

Benefits of Pre Post
• Less labor cost, no need for hiring temps and supervising them
• Less contamination in HVAC systems
• Clean building when owner performs a walk through
• Performed after hours, so less downtime for subcontractors and reduces distractions

Final cleaning should be the last thing on your mind and the least of your worries when running a job-site. Clean+Safe LLC prides ourselves on working closely with contractors to ensure that their job-site is clean. We do not use temps or undocumented laborers. We bring our own equipment, supplies, and labor, all you have to do is say “yes” and you are taken care of.
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Areas of Professional Post Construction Cleaning Services include:
• Bristol, TN and VA
• Kingsport, TN
• Johnson City, TN
• Lebanon, VA
• Abingdon, VA
• Duffield, VA